2017 Vietnam’s best resorts

2017 Vietnam's best resorts

Today I’d like to present you with some of 2017 Vietnam’s best resorts. Vietnam is rich in cultural heritage, the country also has magnificent nature, this is the place where the culture of the East and the West is felt. The metropolis are stirring co-exist with tropical wild forests, French colonial buildings, the palaces and traditional strongholds, blue sea and sandy beaches, a high valley, comfortable hotels, ancient ethnic houses, active water sports and of course with its vibrant nightlife.

Without further due, let’s check out some of 2017 Vietnam’s best resorts:

2017 Vietnam's best resorts: One Pillar Pagoda Hanoi Vietnam


This capital combines Eastern and Western traits, combining French architecture and Chinese traditions. Hanoi is famous for its west lakes. While you are in the streets you can see the diversity of pagodas, temples and other monuments, it is often seen by tourists as an intermediary of the trip across the country.

2017 Vietnam's best resorts: Nha Trang

Nha Trang

This is the oldest and most popular resort in Vietnam. A perfect combination of a rich cultural beach, nightlife, all kinds of fun and the best place to have a relaxing break on the beach with turquoise waters and tropical landscapes. You will appreciate the abundance of the sea, which characterize the city.

2017 Vietnam's best resorts: A former fishing village mui ne Vietnam

Mui Ne

A former fishing village, this is an attracting spot for sports enthusiasts. A lot of people believe that here is the best place throughout Asia to practice kite and windsurfing. A very popular beach among Russian tourists, so don’t be surprised to see signs and menus in their native language.

2017 Vietnam's best resorts: Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc Island

A truly heavenly place, that because this location is on the pearls plant called “pearl island”. The beach is recognized as one of the most beautiful and cleanest in the world. Tourists come here not for noisy parties, they visit the island to enjoy the incredible beauty of wildlife and diving.

2017 Vietnam's best resorts: Palace in Hue Vietnam


Hue is the former imperial capital of Vietnam, now it’s become the cultural, educational and historical place. You can see palaces and citadels here, the good thing is that the city still retains the atmosphere of the past. Visiting these rich historical heritage can be combined with relaxing in a beach (the coast is 12 km away). This is the best place where you can enjoy traditional Vietnamese cuisine.

2017 Vietnam's best resorts: Sapa, Vietnam

Sapa small town

Located in the mountain, this is one of the most beautiful place throughout Southeast Asia. The open views of mountains and rice fields, as well as their culture are just amazing. Up until the moment this is the home of various ethnic groups and nationalities, which differ from each other is the color of their clothes. Due to the small number of hotels, you should book hotels in advance.

2017 Vietnam's best resorts: Alpine Resort


Here is the place that is appreciated by nature lovers. A favorite city for painters as well as newly married couples. As main attractions – waterfalls and valleys, lakes and green forests, last but not least natural parks. Best conditions for racing, mountain biking and hiking. Lastly, this is the place where they make good wine.

2017 Vietnam's best resorts: Hoi An Vietnam

Hoi An

Recognized as a world heritage site and old single-storey house, Hoi An reflect the spirit of commercial port of the past.

We also have an interesting vacation spot in Vietnam, it’s called Hypnosis Oase Indochina. So, what do you think about our lists of 2017 Vietnam’s best resorts? Which one is your favorite? If you need a traveling guide to Vietnam, we find this article useful “Vietnam Travel Guide“. Let us know what you think, feel free to drop your comment below.

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