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10 Great Health Benefits of Going on Holiday

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Great-Health-Benefits-of-Going-on-HolidayGiven the chance, many people would welcome the opportunity to take off to sunnier climes and spend time laying on the beach sipping cocktails for as long as possible. Unfortunately for most of us however, there are bills to be paid, projects to complete and retirement to save for and these force us to keep our noses to the grindstone whether we like it or not.

Thankfully, many employers allow workers to take vacation time and this is the perfect time to drive, fly and sail away to your favorite destination for some well earned R & R. On top of giving you a much needed break from the daily grind, going on holiday has the following physical health benefits to offer:

1. Lower blood pressure

The 9 to 5 routine and associated pressure to meet work targets and deal with office politics causes many people’s stress levels and subsequently blood pressure to rise. Taking a break from the constant pressure to perform as well as having limited or no exposure to people who make your life difficult at the office causes you to relax more, lowers stress levels and helps to bring down your blood pressure.

2. Better nutrition

Many holiday spots offer high quality and nutritious foods such as fruits, vegetables and lean meats to their customers. Some hotels and spas even have packages to help you detoxify through the use of fresh fruit and vegetable juices, which allows your body to get nutrients in concentrated form.

Holidaymakers often find that they are much healthier after holidays to certain places such as the tropics and Mediterranean regions where the daily menu emphasizes the use of fresh produce, healthy oils such as olive and coconut and lean protein such as chicken, fish and other seafood.

3. Improved immunity

Access to adequate amounts of sunlight on holiday, getting enough sleep as well as consuming salads, fresh juices and quality protein available at most hotels and holiday spots means allows your body to get enough nutrients such as Vitamin C and A which help to fight disease and keep your immune system in tip top condition.

4. Weight loss

Getting away from your desk job and taking a break from the Standard American Diet (SAD) by consuming healthy salads and other healthy meals provided on hotel menus is a sure way to shed some pounds while you are on holiday.

In addition, if you choose to visit a holiday spot that offers sporting activities such as golf, dance, horse riding and other vigorous physical activities, you are likely to lose even more weight and find yourself much lighter on your return home.

5. Greater energy

The holidays are a great time to catch up on much needed sleep. With many people having to report early to work and spending hours commuting, most workers find that they are exhausted most of the time which compromises the quality of their work.

Being on holiday allows you to get as much sleep as you need to regenerate tired and worn out muscles as well as recharge your brain so that you are much more effective when you get back to work.

6. Stress relief

Going on holiday allows your body and mind to go into relaxation mode which in turn helps to bring down stress levels and the physical complications such as blood pressure, heart disease and even the risk for diabetes associated with elevated stress.

Many people do not need extra reasons to convince them to go on holiday. Any of us would be grateful for the chance to get away whenever we can. However, knowing that there are health benefits to gain in addition to having a great time and spending time with loved ones makes spending time away even more special.

7. Getting plenty of vitamin D

Vitamin D is good for your body, it plays an important role in regulating calcium and phosphorus levels in the blood. Abundant sunlight on the beach will enter your body and it is automatically turned into vitamin D. This vitamin is very helpful in maintaining the health of your teeth, bones and internal organs.

8. It helps you overcome insomnia

Do you have a sleep problem? Is it hard to sleep even though you felt tired? Obviously, something is wrong with your sleep schedule, and holiday may be the cure, you know. Try to go to the beach, because you can free yourself from the overwhelming stress in your life. Your mind will become much more relax and later on at night you can finally go to sleep comfortably. Trust me. it works.

9. Mood booster

A survey in 2014 conducted by Diamond Resorts International found that more than three quarters of respondents said that they feel happier if they’re on a trip at least once a year. The psychiatrist and spokesperson for the American College of Emergency Physicians, Dr. Leigh Vinocur, wasn’t surprised by the results of the survey. See, going on a holiday makes your life happier.

10. It helps you with depression

Are you depressed? Lol, straight to the point, isn’t it? The beach can provide relief to the depression and anxiety that you have. As you look toward the sea, you will feel very small. This is beneficial to your mental health. And this is the reason why you’re imagining the ocean in relaxation exercises.

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